Support Resources

Several resources are available to support users of EQUATRAN.


A series of online tutorials to introduce a new user step-by-step to the use of EQUATRAN.


The following documents are available. They can be viewed or downloaded as PDF files by clicking the links below:

User’s Guide. A comprehensive manual detailing the features of the software, background on the mathematical methods used and many calculation examples.

Reference Manual. More detailed reference information on functions and statements.

Tutorial. An alternative tutorial, in PDF format, to get started and gain an introduction to the main functions.

Solution Examples

The following examples are available on this website:

More examples can be found by selecting File/Open from the EQUATRAN menu. By default this will show the files in the examples directory. Refer to Appendix B in the User’s Guide. for more information about these examples.

Technical Support (by email)

Please read our support policy before requesting technical support.