EQUATRAN is a software application for solving sets of mathematical equations. It has been extensively used for many years by Japanese chemical companies and is applicable for engineering applications in the fields of chemical, mechanical, or electrical engineering.

EQUATRAN can be used in the following situations:

EQUATRAN can perform equation solving using mathematical language similar to that we all learned at school. For instance "2x+3y=9" can be written "2*x+3*y=9" and "dC/dt=-kC" can be written "C′=-k*C". Simply type the equations, and provided that the system is solvable, EQUATRAN will return the values of all variables.

It also has the capability to optimise an objective function, which for example, can be used to find the reaction kinetic parameters for experimental data with known reaction equations.

After the 30-day trial period a licence should be purchased. Academic licensing is available.

The support section of this website includes many solution examples to help new users to get started.